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How does MILK & WATER compare to other formula mixing bottles?

MILK & WATER is the only double vacuum flask keeping your water warm and your formula fresh. With MILK & WATER you no longer need to take out a flask with hot water, baby bottles to feed from and containers with your formula powder. MILK & WATER puts everything you need into one well organised and stylish place for an instant warm feed.


Why not a standard baby bottle?

MILK & WATER was made so you can reduce the amount you need to carry with you when you go out and about and makes travelling easier and less stressful. MILK & WATER allows you to always have warm water which keeps your feed as close to nature as possible, no more making restaurants and cafes. MILK & WATER is reusable and sustainable.


 Will you be bringing out any other lids?

Yes we are currently developing other lids to take your baby through the ages. We are developing sippy cup lids and straw lids which will increase the product longevity of the flask. These will be in early 2022.


Why is a warm feed better than a cold one?

Doctors recommend that you feed your baby a warm feed or room temperature, this mimics mother nature and your baby will love it!


Are MILK & WATER bottles BPA free?

MILK & WATER only uses safe materials, it’s designed by parents for parents. MILK & WATER bottles are free from BPA, lead, phthalates, pvc, latex and any other harmful materials.


Is MILK & WATER compatible with any other brand nipples?

Yes! MILK & WATER is compatible with Tommee Tippee teats (nipples) as well as our own brand teats (nipples).


What teat (nipple) flows do you offer?

MILK & WATER 9oz bottle comes with the teat (nipple) of your choice. We offer stage 1 (slow flow), stage 2 (medium flow) and stage 3 (fast flow).


Can all parts go into the dishwasher?

Yes we have made MILK & WATER so that it dissembles easily into parts which are all safe for the top shelf of the dishwasher. Cold sterilise only (Milton tablets)


How is MILK & WATER better for nursery or daycare?

Nurseries and daycare normally keep pre-mixed formula in the fridge so when they want to warm it up they place it into a steamer or warm it up with warm water. Both of these methods increase the chances of chemical leaching from the bottle into the formula.

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