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Our Story

Being a mother of three girls,  I found the transition from breast to bottle very difficult. I had to carry so much stuff in my bag everyday making it heavy and cumbersome. Trying to mix formula on the move was slow and messy, not to mention stressful when you have a crying baby who is very hungry.  I was fed up with running around cafes asking for warm water and having to remember to bring out, baby bottles, hot water in a separate flask and my formula powder in another small tub. I wanted a compact and stylish solution where everything was in one place. Most importantly I wanted a WARM fresh feed for my baby.

Milk + Water™ is founded by Katie Windridge and Sam Windridge, award winning designers and co-founders of Matchstick Monkey. We are parents to Minnie, Coco & Bailie and know first-hand the struggles of bottle feeding. We want to make highly convenient and functional products which are long lasting and sustainable but also look super stylish so you don't loose your identity. We will do this through intelligent design and production processes.

Katie Windridge Xx 


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